Launched January 2022, utilizes tools and resources drawn from an eclectic creative and intellectual ''tool box": integrated international cartooning, journalism, university teaching, editing and design to provide a gallery of unique, quirky and original cartoons, updated weekly.

The ''mission" and focus are the same: the creation of comic relief and fun, comic (and maybe cosmic) insight and building a bridge that all can cross, spanning our numerous contemporary divides, to ''the other side'', toward mutual understanding, shared insight and enjoyment, offered only to delight and enlighten, not to shock, offend or antagonize.

All sourced images used are modified and adapted from licensed stock images, or such as are contributor-authorized originals (whole or elements), public domain-licensed or Creative Commons-licensed, without required attribution. All created (original or modified) cartoons published here are copyright-protected, with all rights reserved,

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